Thursday, November 22, 2007

He is amongst many Indian street children who eat, sleep and dream of streets. Still see the smile, no worries no tension. Only dark future . . . . . . . . Think on it. Help them to get better life.

Atleast for GOD sake !!! .......... Avoid Plastic!!! Who rules GOD or Plastic?

He is One Piece Ganesha. only need to take care off.

Who is she, kali, sarasvati, mahalaxmi, durga. She is sam all over. I like the way she is been dressed up and decorated.

I don't have Caption for this, Swim free

GOD is there to give you food and shelter, but flowers you need them from me. It's all linked that is the reason why we sometime say, chain of life

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Always ready to serve pilgrims, but who GOD or people around here.

This is "Vatt Paurnima". Is there any need for this, why we tie tree Just to GODS blessings. He treats all of us the same.

Extreme Diversity of Color, This Temple opens after every 12 years, I have seen temple open for 2 times.

"Innocence at it's Best" He flattered, it was his first someone photographed him, What a million dollar smile

Lord Shiva, Son Ganesha and His Ride Nandi

Who is Feeding whom. It's Human Race Vs GOD (Not Really)

In GOD I believe, Rest all of You Pay in Cash.

Naked Indian Future, age group 4-7, no education, no shelter. They get food coz they dig deep inside river to find coins. It's very hard to believe when see them in reality

Monday, November 19, 2007

Red Evening, Color combination is Just awesome. I wish if was there. This is real Photograph, not done in any Photoshop Software. Genuinely Original, Photograph by Deepti

Temple Hill, Very famous Place in Deolali....Camp...Nashik Road, looks like some fort. Photograph by Deepti.

No matter where you go, what you do, your shadow and product advertisement will never leave you. see the add in "Our Script"

Steps towards Heaven. This is "Kapaleshwar (Lord Shiva)" Temple, beside Godavari river, Kapaleshwar is the GOD is death, but he is know as very kind hearted, If you pray to him, he is the one who gives very quick fruit to you prayer. But his anger is beyond imagination of human brain, very destructive.

Who's Light is it anyway. If you are familiar with Indian script "Devanagari Script", zoom in to read the writhing on right side of the photo.

Area surrounding River, Daytime is hard for person to find place to place his feet, but night it's ma playground. There are refreshments stall's outside.

I kissed ma camera for this image. Believe me people deposit the remains (Ash) of there dead ones, after burning them (In Hinduism,We burn body after death), This is been done since last few centuries. There are billion and billions of bones at the river bed, but not harmful. They vanish as the time progress.

"B&W" again rules. This is again the best shot I ever Got, I had to wait two and half hours for water to settle down and flow silently,

I say this image as "Copper Age". balancing of true image and reflection in water is distinguished by the thin distortion on water image. This is "Ram Kund" with copper look.

This is best of all my photography. See the horizontal line balancing the true image and it's reflection in silent water...Tilt the image to know it much better......

See the light making the edges of temple more sharp, This is temple of Lord RAM, just beside "Ram Kund". Best carving and Stone work. People here hardly bother about the carving. But I do

Same "Gandhi Talav (Lake)", but with sepia mode on. I love to shoot photo in this mode, See the Bright light above the building on right side of PIC

B & W is the best way to shoot any particular site, coz there is no question about color and only light is the best source to put your angle of shoot

To include that colorful boat was real challenge at night, coz color had been into it's worst at night but managed to get the shot.

"Gandhi Talav (Lake)" Flashing light, see the Dome, we call it "Gole Ghumat". Photography really has the power to tie things together forever.

"RAM KUND", the holy place where the "Amrut (Elixir)" had fallen some thousands of years of Ago. They say if you bath here once with no selfishness in mind, your all sin will go away.

Calm and Quite at 2.54 AM, this is how the "Godavari" look at the end of day, she has been serving us since many centuries. I love place and Holy Spirit that you can experience when you are there.

"Hanumanji", "Om Hanumate namaha", Standing tall near river "Godavari". He is master of strength and protection. In our religion "Hinduism" he is GOD of extreme prower and strength

Monday, November 12, 2007

Complete View of "Chakra". Can you see the essence light, it will purify all that comes in contact with it. In short kills the evil spirit and gives you blessing.

He is salt idol, ready to protect the entrance of the "Chakra". This idol is of "Lord Hanuman" (Indian GOD of Strength and Protection from evil spirit). More than salt idol, more for me

My father is busy in making the holy essence. He is eldest amongst his all brothers and sisters and only elder son (no daughter) has the right to do "Chakra Puja"

See Indian GOD idol, This idol is made from silver and copper, She is Goddess Durga. All cuisines are made at home no ready-made material from out side. the center illuminated "Diva" is made from wheat floor.

Enjoy the Light procession. This is million dollar festival (Navratri Festival) for Indian people. The "Diva" should be illuminated for whole night, till the last man gets his food, if this successfully happens it is sigh of GODS blessings

See the magic of Light. There needs procession to light this "Diva". We say Prayer after it is illuminated, it is too complicated to say in word how we light it.

See we are almost done with it, now lets get ready for prayer and holy essence that arise from it, I know it is hard for west people to understand.

Put sufficient ghee(just like margarine, but purely veg made from milk) in that "Diva". God will love you for this Pure Ghee.

Decorate "Chakra" with Variety of flowers specially yellow, red, and saffron colored, There is "Diva" in the center of chakra.

Chakra is almost ready with all cuisine and Prayer should be started after this, but first.....

Put all cuisine(strictly vegetarian) made over chakra. You can the rectangular cuisine, we call it "Puran Poli". Here They are 11 in numbers.

Progress in Chakra Puja (Put manjo leaves, "Kardali" leaves). You ca see the Four idols and four Doors of entrance. All four idols are made from salt, black beans, ash (wooden ash), rice.

Chakra Puja (7,9,11 circle depends). Navrati Festival, Only done in Maharashtrian People.

Indian Cuisine for GODS, Dipawali Festival, India

Laxmi Pujan, Dipawali Festival, India

Laxmi Pujan, Dipawali Festival, India

Laxmi Pujan, Dipawali Festival, India